About Us!

We few months ago, I suggested to my sister that we start a blog. There were a few reasons for this. One: I have always wanted to be a stand up comedian, but alas, my job will not permit me to moonlight telling dirty jokes at some comedy club. A blog is much more ‘anonymous’… except when you link it to your FB page. Two: My sister writes a funny column for her University paper and I love her work. Three: We knew this would simultaneously annoy and excite our mom… which is a favorite pastime for both my sister and I.

We figured if I am funny in person and she is hilarious on paper… with our powers combined we would have a pretty legit blog. Although there are plenty of inappropriate things we could write about, our goal is to capture the funny, yet random things in life that bring us pleasure… or comical annoyance. Please feel free to comment on our posts! We love feedback!I will leave you with a phrase my drunk alter ego would say in college – Stay sexxy!~ Coco


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