White Board Art Project

Well, I’m back from break. I hate school and I hate being back so I thought I’d procrastinate doing anything useful by writing a blog post! My sister will be so proud; I’m on my game this week!

Here’s a picture that sparked many fits of laughter in my household last week.

Let’s discuss:

The main image is obviously the mentally unstable man in the middle with beady eyes. This was drawn by Uncle Rick, what an artist he is. I believe it to be a self-portrait, though last time I checked, Uncle Rick did not black eyes and his hair did not stand straight up on end, nor did he have a banana for a mouth. But since I’m all for self-expression, I accept the drawing for what it is: a strange interpretation of Ronald McDonald.

To the left of “Uncle Rick” is my mother. When I walked into the house for the first time last week and saw this beaut, I knew exactly who it was supposed to be. This instant recognition was made possible by my sister’s artistic skills and my mother’s uncanny resemblance to a stick figure. If you’ve never met my mom, you just did. She looks JUST like that drawing, which is weird because there really aren’t very many details. I think its just the glasses and hair. And stool. Because, you see, my mom is pretty short. She has to have me get things down off of shelves that 12 year olds could reach. I’m actually surprised I’ve never come across her climbing on the counters to get something down. That would be a sight.

The two stick figures to the right of Ol’ McDonald are me and my sister. If you can’t tell, our square shirts read “UConn” and “Albertus.” What a clever way to delineate between us. Also, we both love to wear sleeveless, boxy shirts so we do look quite like we do in reality. I have to say though, I did a little editing of myself. At first I had eyes that were almond-shaped and slanted. Though I have nothing against those of Asian decent, I myself am not Asian in the slightest, so I corrected my eyes to just dots. Far more accurate, obviously. For some reason, my sister has glasses on. I mean, she has glasses and she wears glasses, but that is not a distinctive fact about her. Obviously whoever drew this part of the picture (cough, Uncle Rick, cough) was just being superficial. Which is odd for someone who took just a dramatic interpretation of their own portrait.

As for the person above my sister and I, that’s our cousin Tara. As you can tell by her shirt, she also loves sleeveless, box shirts and lives in NY. As far as I know, her hair is blonde, so I’m a little concerned with how dark Uncle Rick colored it in. Perhaps it was that self-expression coming out again.

And the last part of the drawing, also courtesy of Uncle Rick, is Higgs, our cat. She does not tremble, though the picture makes her look a bit shaky. I believe that Fricky (Uncle Rick’s nickname, for the uninformed) was either going through withdrawl of some kind or temporarily had Parkinson’s when drawing Higgs. She is also black, so its strange that she looks very white in this picture. She does, however, have two ears, so that’s pretty accurate.

The bottom part that got cut off is my mom’s attempt at adding to the humor. But obviously is got cut off and I’m not too worried about it because, well, sometimes when Mom joins in, she kills it. She almost killed the White Board Art Project, but I didn’t let it get to me. Instead, I wrote all about it.



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