Failed Resolutions

For those of you that are unaware – more than three feet of snow has fallen over most of the Northeast. The first crazy storm hit Connecticut on December 26th and has not offered even a week-long reprieve. So, with blizzard after blizzard the snow has been pushed up into bigger and bigger piles. The ridiculous amount of white stuff has put a snow removal strain on many cities and businesses. One business that has failed HORRIBLY at removing its snow is … THE GYM.

The timing of these storms is horrible for anyone trying to stick to their workout resolutions. Why, you ask? Well, the gym isn’t exactly the more desirable place to be (I would get a pedicure or massage or go shopping), so in addition to dragging yourself to work out, now you have to sludge through snow, ice, and salt piles. Let me describe what going to my gym has been like for the past month.

I leave work at 4:30 pm and hop in my car. Almost all two lane roads are now one, meaning the commute to the gym has almost doubled. After speeding through changing lights and navigating around city buses, I wheel into the gym parking lot. Massive piles of snow are found at the end of each row, so seeing around any corner is impossible. Now I must proceed with caution because I have no idea if I am about to plow into another vehicle trying to find a spot to park.

As all of the legit parking spots are taken. everyone with an SUV decides they will make their own spot. Awesome. Now the barely drivable roads are cluttered with trucks and 4-wheel drive vehicles. I continue driving around hoping to catch a fellow gym member leaving a prime parking spot. When I do, I throw on my blinker and wait. At this point I don’t care if I have to sit and watch the person walk down the row, unlock their car, and get in… because I have a spot! I sit. And sit. And sit. Finally I realize the person who just got in their car has decided to call someone and have the longest conversation OF ALL TIME before driving home. Flip!!! In the past I have been naive enough to try and wait it out, but that has proven to be a waste of time. So I go back at it and drive around, trying to find another spot.

Typically within 10 to 15 minutes I am able to find a spot on the back side of the enormous gym or parking lot. Now I have to trek across the mountains of snow and ice to get inside. After the snow has melted and re-frozen a few times there is a think, glassy layer of ice left all over the parking lot. This ice tends to be the worst part to navigate. I slip and slide all over the parking lot, teetering along with my bag of gym clothes, water bottle, i-pod, shoes, etc. Finally, I make it to the door! Triumphant! But, there are days when I do not find a parking spot and have to leave the gym sans workout.

So, now that you understand what gym goers are facing everyday, it is clear why so many resolutions are probably failing. I applaud anyone who has continued to travel to the gym in the sleet, snow, and rain! It takes a real commitment to keep battling the parking lot, let alone the actual workout!

Currently, I am ignoring the cold weather by dreaming of a potential trip to South Carolina in May. Yayy!

~ CoCo


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  1. Very entertaining! 🙂

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