A Hickey and a Pocket Pet

Although I have only been out of my teens for seven years, I feel much wiser than my high school counter-parts. Amongst all the stupid things tweens can do, I would like to shed some light on two idiotic things I am encouraging NO ONE partake in.

One: Give or receive a hickey. Don’t do it. Not only is it horribly tacky, but it can cause a stroke. Yes, that is right. A whore, I mean, a woman in New Zealand realized she had lost feeling in the left side of her body while watching tv. After consulting her doctor they discovered her stroke was caused by a hickey. While there are multiple things wrong with this scene, the main message is to keep your lips (and tongue) to yourself. Love bites are slutty and can paralyze body parts (and not in a good way). Not worth the risk. Don’t believe me? Read the article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41188500/ns/world_news-weird_news/?gt1=43001

Second: Pocket Pets are all the rage. Apparently high school students and other teenagers have been swept away by the sugar glider craze. A pocket pet is an extremely small marsupial that can fit even in a person’s pocket… hence the name. I cannot even begin to explain how wrong this phenomenon is. ‘Young adults’ are frequently not mature enough to take care of themselves , let alone care for another living, breathing creature.

While these little pets ARE adorable, I do not believe it is appropriate for them to be in school with teenagers. Taking care of an animal is a huge responsibility.

While I am on the subject of animals, I hope E and I will get a cat sometime in the next year or so, but until then… we are going to get a fish. I feel at 26 I am ready to care for an animal, even if it is a fish to start with. At the Guilford Fair this summer I won a fish, whom I named Mantooth Guilford Schmidt, but he unfortunately swam right out of his bowl during the night and passed away : (  After a few months of mourning, I am ready to bring a new fish into my life… hopefully this weekend will be when we buy a new scaled-friend!!!

I will keep you all posted! Now I am off to enjoy the rest of my snow day!

xoxo CoCo


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