Plastic Surgery, Rats, Detergent, and Gold

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for recent gifts! Not only did the frigid temperatures help me catch a cold bad enough to keep me home 3 days last week, but the recent 24 inches of snow fallen provided me with a snow day. You may be wondering, what have I done with all the free time on my hands? Well Mother Nature, the answer is, watching A LOT of television. In appreciation of all your hard work (dumping 49 out of our 50 states with snow in the past week), I wanted to give you a heads up on all of the best shows of the season!

We will start with BridalPlasty on Sundays at 9 pm on E . Yes, it is an even trashier version of Black Swan, the show that aired many years ago claiming to help ‘ugly’ women become ‘beautiful’ swans with the help of plastic surgery. BridalPlasty follows the same idea, however, it is a competition for free surgeries with a grand prize of a dream, celebrity-style wedding. This show is so incredibly HORRIBLE in so many ways that it makes it intriguing. After watching a marathon (only featured on weekdays as my lovely sister pointed out in her last post), I have decided that Janessa is the worst woman in the entire world… ok, in the world of reality tv… this season. (Even in this picture she looks like a crazy, manipulative woman)

A&E has Monday nights covered. The season of Hoaders is just wrapping up, but this week’s episode featured a man that was hoarding RATS… more than 2,000 of them to be precise. This show is ridiculous, but actually does help those who are willing to receive therapy and cleaning assistance.

Although the Monday night 10 pm slot is shifting next week, I am anxiously waiting to see the first episode of Heavy on A&E. Each episode will feature two morbidly obese people fighting to loose weight over an extended period of time. I am an AVID Biggest Loser fan, so I obviously interested in this show as well. Plus, A&E does a great job keeping their reality shows about reality.

Tuesday nights are such a treat! Bravo (one of my favorite channels!) plays Millionaire Matchmaker at 9 pm. Originally based out of LA, Patty just wrapped up a season in NYC helping millionaires find true love. She screens candidates, plans a mixer, and then follows up with everyone after the big DATE. This show is fantastic. So many of the millionaires are nuts and super stuck in their own ways that Patty ends up kicking them out for doing something stupid. For example, a plus sized ‘millionairess’ decided to go on a date with a super-hot plumber whom she had nothing in common with (problem 1). During the date she offered to buy him a motorcycle and give him significant funding to start his own business (problem 2). And finally she told him she wanted to sleep with him and his response was he would prefer her to service him under the table immediately (problem 3). You can only imagine Patty’s response to this later! Ug, I just love the show.

On Wednesdays at 9 pm TLC offers an interesting show called My Strange Addiction. In each episode two different people are filmed while they begin to understand and overcome their addictions. In the most recent episode Tempestt finally tells her family about her addition to eating soap and dry laundry detergent. WHAT?!? These people are insane for eating this stuff. One woman had been eating Comet cleaner for 20+ years and had to have her entire top row of teeth removed. Another woman was addicted to sleeping with her blow dryer… while it was on! She had burn marks all over her arms and was currently going through a divorce because her husband could not handle her dangerous obsession. CRAZY.


Thursdays – The Jersey Shore. Enough Said.

Finally, for those of you that may end up at home on a Friday night (working all week tends to make me awfully tired on Fridays!!), Discovery offers a fantastic new series called Gold Rush. A bunch of guys from all over the country, facing bankruptcy and unemployment, decide to pool the little money they have and buy some land in Alaska and pan for gold. From injuries to family drama (they decided to move their families up to the middle of the wilderness of Alaska for the summer.. because that isn’t expensive or anything) make this show pretty awesome… and educational. Check it out!

I hope that my excessive tv watching for the past couple of days has helped educate a few people (including Mother Nature) on what new fantastic shows are out there. And of course, if you have any suggestions for a show I should be watching…. recommendations are welcome!!!

xoxo Coco


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