Everything is bigger in Texas

We made it to San Antonio, Texas!!! Thankfully we flew out on Saturday and avoided the full on blizzard hitting Connecticut. Although it isn’t super hot here right now, it is much more enjoyable than two feet of snow and 60 mph winds. I guess I didn’t realize how long it had been since I travelled with my mom. I love her to death, but she is so navigationally challenged it scares me.

We haven’t seen much of Texas so far, but there are a few things I enjoy already:

1. They have Chipotle. Yayyyyy. Connecticut really needs to embrace the Chipotle chain.

2. Movie theaters that serve beer and food IN the theater. We saw The Fighter this afternoon and we had a waitress!!! Eating popcorn out of a metal bowl is WAAAAY more enjoyable than a paper bag. Plus, who doesn’t want to drink while watching a movie? Although that is probably the reason there was a 5 minute speech before the movie about being quite.

3. The highways look pretty. I am planning on a taking a picture of the pink and white highway system and sending it to whoever is in charge of the New Haven I-95 build in Connecticut. A colorful interstate would be much easier on the eyes.

4. Everyone is apologetic. We tried going to the mall today and were stopped multiple times by people hopping in and out of their cars. Unlike in the Northeast, EVERYONE apologized for holding up traffic. It made me not mind the wait…. as much.

5. Groceries are CHEAP. We went to a grocery store to pick up some essentials (aka fat free creamer for the pot of coffee I plan on having tomorrow morning while enjoying the crisp Texas morning) and discovered a lot of cheaper treats. Eddy’s ice cream was $3.50 a half gallon. AMAZING. Also, there was an entire 10 foot section of the bread aisle dedicated to tortillas. I am eagerly waiting a delicious Mexican meal… perhaps tomorrow!

That’s all for now! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm, especially our readers in the northeast.

~ Coco


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