Cohabitation – such a lovely thing

Happy Holidays everyone!

As you may know, I have been living with my boyfriend E for over a month now… and it couldn’t be going better! Now I know a lot of my bliss is thanks to how wonderful E is, but I also think there are a few things that just kick ass about living with a boy. And you know how I like to post – with lists!!!! So, here are a few things I have been loving for the past few weeks:

1. Sharing meal preparation: Most of my friends and family know I am not the best cook in the world (apparently my sister inherited all of those genes). Thankfully E and I have found a balance in our food preparation. I make fantastic lunch sandwiches and crock pot meals. He, on the other hand, cooks up some delightful favorites such as meatloaf, sausage & peppers, and tacos. (I know, I know, we don’t exactly eat gourmet food every night, but it certainly is tasty and that is all that matters!!) Sharing the burden of making lunches and dinners is AMAZING!

2. Someone to chat with in the morning: I am a talker. Everyone that meets me knows this. So, it should come as no surprise that I begin talking as soon as I wake up. Most of my previous roommates had jobs that started early in the morning so by the time I woke up, I was alone. I would have to wait until 8:30 am when I arrived at the office to talk with someone. Ugh.  Now that I can chat with E before I head to work!!! Although I am not sure E really enjoys this every morning, we have found a compromise: we watch Saved by the Bell from 8:00  to 8:20 am and I am allowed to make all sorts of comments about the show or my upcoming day and E will nod and act like he cares. This is a win-win.

3. The livin’s easy: I am saving a TON of money in my new apartment. I went from a 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with 2 other roommates to a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with a boyfriend. My rent AND utilities have decreased even though I have an entire apartment to enjoy and a spare bedroom for when friends or family want to visit. A few other changes have saved us both some moo-la. E and I both bring lunch to work and cook more dinners at the apartment. Not eating out as much has spared our wallets and our (at least my) waists!!

4. Toilet paper lasts FOREVER: 6 rolls of toilet paper lasted more than 4 weeks in our apartment!! THIS IS AMAZING. I cannot tell you how much toilet paper we went through in some of my old apartments. I mean, were my roommates wrapping their hands like little mummies before wiping? I don’t know. But for now I am enjoying my smaller paper goods budget. I will add, however, that I have never lived with a guy before and the decrease in TP usage is probably more reflective of men vs women than anything else. I will take the paper savings either way!!

The last and most enjoyable benefit…

5. No more passive aggressive BS: Living with women is difficult, I should know, I am one. Females are so passive aggressive, at least most of them are. Men handle issues by going straight to the point. Here is an example of a conversation between roommates over dirty dishes in the sink – first with men, then with women.

Man 1: Hey man, you going to do the dishes or what? Your pasta bowl from last week is still hanging around.

Man 2: Shit dude. I didn’t realize it was that bad. I will do them tonight after I play online poker and Madden for hours.

— Done and done. No issues or drama with men. No lingering resentment that comes out later on during a seemingly unrelated conversation. —

Woman 1: Hey! How was work?

Woman 2: Good. Good. How is your day going?

Woman 1: Not too bad. The usual.


Woman 1: So….. whats going on in the sink?

Woman 2: Um….. there are dishes in it?

Woman 1: Ohhhhh. Um…. Ok.

(both women retreat to their rooms silently)

Two weeks later

Woman 2: (brushing teeth) morning!

Woman 1: I hate that you never wash your dishes! And your boyfriend doesn’t wear deodorant everyday! And you can’t seem to dry your feet properly so there are wet spots all over the apartment when you shower! And I hate the way you brush your teeth!

The point of this example is woman are too passive aggressive and wind up getting angrier and angrier at their roommates over time. I have dealt with this issue time and time again. Living with a guy has been blissful. E nicely reminds me when a pile of clothes is begining to build in the corner and I pick them up before the day is over. Easy. Painless. And everyone remains happy.

Regardless of whether these benefits are thanks to E or just the fact that I live with a guy, I am LOVING IT. I am sure some challenges will present themselves, but for now I am living the good life and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

My sister and I will be spending the holidays on a sunny trip to Texas… with our hilarious mother. It is sure to be memorable. Look out for updates later this week!!

~ Coco

P.S. see how I slipped another cat photo in. So slick.


2 responses to “Cohabitation – such a lovely thing

  1. Slipping in the cat photo…slick. Addition of post script noting the slipping in of cat photo…even slicker. Illustration of ludicrous usage of toilet paper via insertion of cat photo…THE SLICKEST. Kudos, Coco! You are an inspiration to all of us who desire to transcend our mediocre level of slickness. Thank you for being so Boss…and slick, of course.

  2. Why thank you! I have been working on my slickness. And I am honored to be called Boss. I know that is not a compliment you take lightly!

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