You know its finals when…

When you’ll do anything but study. I’ve been in the library more hours this week than I’ve been anywhere else combined. I’ve gotten some done, but lets face it, when I have facebook, snake ON facebook, my email, TotalFratMove, MyLifeIsBro, DamnYouAutoCorrect, and now TUMBLR, I’m just surfing the web reading funny things and posting pictures that are pretty.

If you haven’t heard of Tumblr and you have something important to do in the next, o I don’t know, month, DON’T SIGN UP. Its addicting. To sum up the site, you find pictures/quotes/videos that you like on other people’s pages and then just repost them to yours. Its a beautiful thing. If you go through mine, you can tell what my favorite things are: shoes, cats, pretty rooms, and HEDGEHOGS.

Which brings me to my next point. I am getting a hedgehog. Don’t try to stop me and say, Cassie, you can’t keep that in your dorm room! WATCH ME. Sorry, ResLife, its happening. I promise to be clean though.

I texted my mom this morning and I said “I’m getting a hedgehog. We’ll discuss later.” She texted me back in like, 30 seconds and said “We’ll discuss it now.” AHAHA I love sassy Mom texts! Needless to say, I’ve spoken with her and shes convinced I’m just doing this because she won’t let me get a cat.

If you’ve never considered getting a hedgehog, you’re crazy.

Let me tell you about the moment I realized I could get one. I became SO EXCITED that my eyes started to water, I was giggling uncontrolablly and I went and told everyone that was on the 3rd floor and still awake. I think my hands became paralyzed for a few seconds too. (Don’t understand this reference, check this link out at about 2:28:

Look at how cute hedgehogs are though, REALLY:

So I’m getting one after me and my sister (and my mom) go on vacation to San Antonio over break. I’m sure we’ll have some ridiculous posts about that too 😀

O, and here’s the link to my tumblr, follow me!


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