A Manicure and A Clean Va-jay

Happy Late Thanksgiving all! My sister and I enjoyed a relaxing day at home with our family last Thursday. I spent the day being particularly lazy because I knew I had to waitress Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at a local breakfast joint. Spending 7 hours on my feet for three days left me tired and achy by 2 pm on Sunday. So, I decided to treat myself to a manicure. After finishing up my shift, I hopped in my sweet Civic and headed to Oasis in Guilford for a quick polish.

A tip to all of our female (and perhaps male) readers: nail salons are empty the few days following Thanksgiving. It was amazing! For the first time I was able to sit down in a chair right after every nail technician screamed “Ha-llllooo! Pick a color!” at me when I walked in. Shortly after I sat down, however, I realized I should go to the bathroom. Unzipping and zipping pants is absolutely out of the question within an hour or two of a manicure. So, I kindly asked Jacky  (my male manicurist) if I could use the restroom first. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

Upon my arrival to the bathroom, I noticed a keyboard connected to the left side of the toilet seat. What could this be? A video game to keep my attention while I go number 2? Can’t be. An electronic seat lift for the handicapped? Nope. It was a seat warmer / bidet / posterior region cleaner!! In a public bathroom?!?! I was in shock. To be honest, I didn’t know it was also warmer until I was delighted by a toasty seat when I sat down (and yes, I actually put my butt on the seat. All of my weird germ-a-phobe friends don’t sit on ANY toilet besides their own. I have noticed these people are also always sick. I have come to my own conclusion that avoiding germs makes you more susceptible to sickness, so I went right ahead and planted my bottom on the seat). While using the restroom I took a gander at the keyboard attached to the seat. This little contraption can wash your va-jay or arse! Amazing. Heading into the nail salon a never thought I would leave with a fresh fanny!! Actually, I didn’t leave with a clean caboose because I was skeeved out by using a bidet in a public bathroom, but I did think about it.

(For those of you who do not know what a bidet is or does: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Bidet)

Then I started thinking… who does use this thing? Do enough clients rinse out their posterior or anterior regions to justify the cost of the seat? How often do they sanitize the seat? Am I on candid camera? When I got home, I did a little research. Apparently these puppies are pretty pricey… some costing almost $1,000 with all of the bells and whistles (no pun intended). I found a similar model to the one in Oasis on Amazon.com for $398.87 (on sale from $889… apparently the demand for multi-tasking toilet seats is down). On this particular model there is a nozzle for the lady bits AND derriere. The following is an except from the product description:

It includes two nozzles, one specifically for the posterior region and the other for the anterior region. Many females like the idea of having two nozzles.

Fantastic! I also learned during my research that the ‘Intensive Impulse Pulsation’ featured on all Coco Bidets can help with constipation. Who knew?!?! And please do not think I have overlooked the irony of the name of this contraption – Coco. I never knew my blog name was also one of the leading manufacturers of coochy cleaners! What a superb discovery!

I will leave you with a few photos I discovered while searching for bidet images:

You know I have to sneak in a cat picture somehow! Enjoy your Tuesday… and don’t forget to tell you friends about our blog!!

Coco (aka the best bidet maker ever!)


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