Follow up – a treat for you!

Happy almost Halloween!

Today my travels have brought me past a few things I have previously blogged about. Apparently I was feeling especially stealth-y today because I took some obvious pictures of people with my phone. Thankfully no one called me out on my sketchiness, but in one of the photos you can see a woman staring right at me. Opps!

My first sighting today was old people. Ug. You know how much old people annoy me. There I was in Panera minding, my own business, doing some work on my laptop, when BAM! In walked one million old people. After spending 5 minutes standing in the middle of the place deciding where to sit, they finally chose ALL of the tables surrounding me. You can imagine my disgust. I tried giving them evil, younger person stares, but it did not work. The group then proceeded to split up by gender and start squawking about god knows what. Knitting needles. Grandchildren. Depends adult diapers.  All I really know is they were more annoying than 10 screaming babies. Then the scream laughing started. Because going to Panera at 11 am is the equivalent (for old people) of going to a club or bar for 20-somethings, this group got rowdy. Once I had enough of their moth-ball smells and constant complaining, I snapped this photo and took my show on the road. (Notice the woman looking right at my phone. Oh well. She probably doesn’t even know phones can take photos)

After finishing up work for the day, I swung by Michaels to pick up some last minute supplies for my Halloween costume (photos to come post party this weekend!). And what do you think I saw as I pulled into the parking lot??? An annoying family sticker, of course! While I see these stickers all the time now, I particularly enjoy this one. I mean, is the ‘brother’ about to hit the ‘sister’??? Or he is just practicing his swing for baseball? Or are they boyfriend and girlfriend?? The face on the boy stick figure makes me think he is planning on hitting her, regardless of their relationship. Obviously I peered in the car to investigate further, but there were no distinctive items on the seat or dash to tell me more about the driver. Boo. But I still enjoy this photo.

Finally, once inside Michaels (the craft store) I saw yet ANOTHER blog post topic item! This woman caught my attention for a few reasons. ONE: she was talking obnoxiously loud while roaming the aisles. TWO: she was dressed for a cheap cocktail party or to chaperone a high school prom. THREE: she had on 205,843 fake pearl necklaces that were swinging against each other with every alpha-female step she took. Under normal circumstances I would have forgotten about this woman as soon as she was out of sight, however, she began following me around the store while scream-talking into her phone. (I can’t hate on her for scream talking while on the phone because I unfortunately am guilty of the same thing on a daily basis) Then I saw it. Her Bluetooth. Ugggggg. I think she realized I was annoyed by her presence, most likely based on the “I-don’t-care-how-many-bags-of-sequence-you-need-for-your-sorority-reunion” look I gave her. She walked away, but a few moments later I decided I wanted a picture of her, so I followed her into the next aisle and 007’ed myself this photo.

I made this picture extra big so you can see her “I-am-so-important-I-cannot-be-bothered-to-hold-my-own-phone-while-walking” Bluetooth. Also, please take notice of the stunning white boa she is planning on purchasing. Classy.

Well, apparently I am feeling bold and sassy today. Probably because I am sleep deprived and excited for the holiday weekend. Have a great Halloween everyone! Be safe, and look for a post from my sister and I early next week. Maybe we will get our lives together enough to post a treat for you Monday morning!!

~ CoCo


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