Wrong place, wrong time

You know those people that just seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time? I am one of those people. I experienced something today that furthers this belief. During my lunch hour I decided to run a few errands; pick up some concert tickets I won on the radio, drop some things off at the post office, etc. Although I tried to leave the office around 11:40 am, I very interesting facebook IM chat prevented me from heading out on time. Around 12:05 pm I was able to hop in my car and head up to Dixwell Avenue towards the post office.

Up until this point the day had been normal, but as I turned the corner onto Newhall Street I knew something was wrong. The street is in an interesting area, on the border of a nice area and the ghetto. This means a blonde chick be-bopping to Justin Bieber in her sweet Civic looks out of place, but a quick drive through is generally tolerated given the surrounding neighborhoods. This afternoon, however, a few of the Newhallville locals were getting ready to fight. At first I thought they were playing a street game because 1. I am white and sheltered so I have never seen a massive fight in the middle of a street in broad daylight and 2. Most of the people involved were smiling. This seems really messed up to me. Besides the two men circling each other with their fists up, all other spectators were smiling and laughing. Unfortunately their lightheartedness led me to believe the fight was of a playful manner. How wrong I was.

The street fight quickly stopped all traffic. I was relieved to be one car behind the action. I surely did not want to have a front row seat for the big fight. Then the warriors started shuffling towards me and the crowd was following. Within seconds the two men were grabbing at each other in attempt to shove the other to the ground… in front of my car. Fighter 1 was able to pin down his opponent, but unfortunately it was not on the ground… but on my car. Yep. On the hood of my car. You would think that at least ONE of the spectators would try and pull them off the random car with SOMEONE IN IT to fight elsewhere, but no. The men wrestled on the hood of my car for over a minute before Fighter 2 broke free and ran farther down the street. I sat completely still with my jaw dropped for the entire duration. Just when I caught my breath and prepared to drive away, I realized the woman in front of me had parked her car and joined the crowd around the fight. Really? Did she really park her car in the middle of the street. Yes, she did. Once all of the oncoming cars saw the street fight and turned around, I was able to drive around the parked car and head on my way.

Wrong place, wrong time. It is funny to think about now, but let me tell you, a few hours ago when people were punching each other 2 feet from my face… and windshield, I felt differently. I am also a little anxious today because I am trying standup comedy for the first time tonight. Hopefully it goes well!!



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