the iphone and its less-superior counterpart, the blackberry

If you have a friend who has an iphone, you’re going to understand exactly what I’m about to say. (well, type really) If you have an iphone, you’re going to have an “AHA” moment as you read on.

iphone users are serial texters. They blow you’re phone up with one text and before you can even open a new message to answer back, they’ve sent you another. Usually, its a whole message of just  “hahahaha” or “lol” and the second text they send it the actual meaningful stuff. Or they just text incomplete thoughts. I’d say that ratio of regular phone users’ texts to iphone users would be about 1:2.

If you have an iphone, you probably just realized you do this. Every time I tell someone about the serial texting phenomenon, they reply “It’s just so easy!” Yes, I understand that having an iphone is great and awesome and all that, but that doesn’t mean I want you dropping t-bomb after t-bomb into my inbox. That shit takes up memory.

Then there are people who are serial texting because they just have so much to say. If you can’t fit it all into the allotted 160 characters, you should rethink your message. Call the person instead. Or do what I do and go back through and make everything  into text-talk. Vowels get removed and proper grammar and punctuation go out the window. Who really needs to use an ellipse in a text? Nobody, that’s who. I see nothing wrong with “c u ltr” when you’re trying to save precious space for more important things, like emoticons.

As a side note, have you ever noticed that people who have iphone never call it their phone, but always refer to it as their iphone. God forbid someone think you’re so lowly as to own a blackberry. Speaking of blackberries, I’d like to comment on the creepiness of bbm. For those of you who do not know, bbm is BlackBerry Messenger. Its like instant messaging for blackberry users only. Which sounds great in theory, but there are some fundemental flaws.

First, some people claim that bbm is great because it saves you money on texting. FALSE. I know you have unlimited texting. It doesn’t cost you more no matter how many texts you send. Second, having bbm makes you a creep. You can see if the person you sent a message to has read it or not. So pretty much you can stalk anyone else who has a blackberry. I’ve seen people call each other out on not answering a bbm that they know was read because bbm TOLD them so. That’s bring texting to a whole new level. At least with plain old texting you can still pretend you never even got the message or that you didn’t read it until way later. bbm takes that whole white lying out of picture and makes it impossible to escape anyone sporting a blackberry. Hence why I own the htc ozone, a knock-off blackberrry-esque phone what everyone always thinks is a blackberry no matter how much I protest.



One response to “the iphone and its less-superior counterpart, the blackberry

  1. Ali the other big sis

    I used to get called out all the time for reading and not responding to those pesky bbm’s….but i am still bberry fo’ lyfe!

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