Show me your pictures!!!

This is an impromptu blog post. After spending most of the morning doing an insane amount of work, I decided to take a few minutes to browse Facebook. After scrolling through my news feed, I started in on some light FB stalking. I wasn’t even trying to look at non-friend’s pictures. I was merely looking through some friend’s photos of recent weddings and fun looking summer adventures. Then I hit a roadblock… someone I am actually friends with is not sharing her pictures with me. You know when you go to click “Photos of X” below the person’s photo… it wasn’t there! All I could see were her sucky ‘mobile uploads and lame albums of family vacations. WTF. We are friends. Why can’t I see your photos? The first time this happened I brushed it off. She is probably cheating on her boyfriend or has a crazy ex and doesn’t want anyone to have access to her pics. Whatever. Then it happened again. This time with a guy friend. Seriously?? Why do you even have Facebook then? So your friends can take the time to post and tag pictures of you, only for you to then un-tag them and/or make then un-viewable to even your true friends. This angers me. So please, if you are one of these obnoxious people, change your security settings so your friends can at least see some of your photos. Or else I won’t ever look at your FB page again. And neither will anyone else. And then all of those ‘witty’ status updates you make will go un-liked and un-commented on.

Also, my sister and I will be updating our page with some actual photos of us. No more of this getty-image crap.

~ Coco


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