The Ultimate Summer Workout

Yesterday I went out for a 6 mile training run. It was hot. It was humid. It was not very much fun. However, I did see something that brought back some serious high school memories… a chick rollerblading. Back in my high school prime I used to park outside of the state beach entrance and blade through the camping areas and on the boardwalks along the beach. Even back in the early 2000s I was made fun of for rollerblading by my friends. I still don’t really understand why.

Here are a few reasons why rollerblading is the ultimate summer workout:

  1. Rollerblading for an hour can burn up to 816 calories (depending on how much you move your arms). That is the equivalent of 3 Snickers bars. Or three grande lattes with whole milk from Starbucks. Or 1 pound of cooked Wild Atlantic Salmon. Or a Burger King Triple Stacker Burger. Or a large chocolate milkshake. Enough said.
  2. You can get your bronze on while working out. It is completely socially acceptable to wear short shorts and a tank top while rollerblading. If you are by a body of water, even a bathing suit is allowed. I surely do not get any tanner while sitting in spin class. Plus rollerblading provides an even tan (I hate lying on my stomach to tan my back!!).

  1. Make it a date! Why not go rollerblading with your gf/bf. I don’t suggest this as a first or second date because the margin for falling/embarrassing oneself is too high. But if you are in a committed relationship and the other person agrees not to laugh too much when you eat pavement, go for it!

  1. Your legs will look sexy. Just like jogging or biking, rollerblading on a consistent basis will give you some good looking gams. Plus the blades add an extra 4 inches or more, so you will look uber tall and thin.

Now I am not proposing you quit all other forms of exercise. I am merely explaining some of the benefits associated with rollerblading. Perhaps this post will help some people stop hating on it… but probably not. For some reason over 96% of the population seems to loathe this ‘sport’.



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