The Truth About Ashley’s

I am currently sitting here eating a brownie sundae from Ashley’s ice cream. I don’t know if you’ve ever enjoyed a sundae, or anything for that matter, from Ashley’s but man, is it delicious. I got my sundae with Coconut Mounds ice cream. I’m not really sure what other kind of Mounds there is, but coconut suits me just fine. There was a brownie (obviously), ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream. And its worth every one of the million calories it contains. But that’s enough of my food description.

Let me tell you some knowledge I recently gained from a former Ashley’s employee: Ashley’s ice cream is NOT in fact made by Ashley. You may say, well no, Cassie, its not made by Ashley! She’s just one person! How could she made enough ice cream for all of the stores in CT. (O, Ashley’s is a another reason I heart the great state of Connecticut.) Well, not even people who are employed by Ashley make that dreamy creamy dessert. Ashley BUYS tubs in bulk from a national distributor. UNCOOL. You can’t claim to be CT’s best ice cream if other stores are serving the same exact thing! That’s just unfair.

That’s just my first point. My second is just to point out how strange it is that we make ice cream in every flavor ever. My sundae is the perfect example. Why do I need ice cream flavored like a Mounds bar when I can just eat a Mounds bar? I understand flavors like mint chocolate chip; you can’t really just walk around munching on mint leaves and expect it to be delicious. Or normal. But brownie batter? Or Coffee? Butter Pecan, yes. I don’t know anyone who want to eat just plain butter with pecans mixed in. Or Rocky Road. If you were to literally eat a rocky road, you wouldn’t have any more teeth! Vanilla is also one that makes sense. Vanilla beans have a weird texture and would not make a good snack. Chocolate, however, does make a good snack. So why the chocolate ice cream? Hershey’s did right by us when they made their chocolate bar and here we are disgracing it.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy ice cream of all types, because I certainly do. And I don’t discriminate on ice cream thats just a remake of a real food. I simply want to point out that its weird. Also, I wish I could stop eating Ashley’s. It’s way to expensive (I payed over $6 for this bad ass sundae) to be from a national wholesaler but who am I kidding? It’s far too delectable to pass up.


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