Car Sticker Phenomenon

I have recently started noticing these strange stickers on the backs of cars. Apparently the old “MV” or “BI” black and white circle stickers are out. In are stick figure stickers of each family member. This phenomenon really intrigues me. My first question is: Why do you want everyone in the world to know how many people are in your family? That doesn’t seem that safe. If I wanted to steal a kid and I knew based on your car stickers that you have three, I could easily snatch the last one from the line in the mall. My second question is: Is it really necessary to add stickers for each of your pets? I mean, I know dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but really? You need a stick figure sticker of them on your car? At least get one of the cooler pet stickers (which I am not really convinced exists, but I know there are less losery ones out there).

Once the stickers caught my eye, I told my sister. She shares the same fascination with them, so we started taking pictures. Here are a few examples, some that really bother me and some that I think are kind of cute. Keep in mind, all of these were taken in CT except the first example which is from SC.

Example One: School Pride

This sticker is pretty cute. There is a second objective to the stickers – school pride.


Example Two: Crazy Kid

This borders on annoying. I mean, is that kid always upside down? How does he feel about being the upside down kid?? His parent’s feelings for him are pretty apparent. He is nuts. And making him hold the sideways dog’s tail??? Seriously? I think this family was trying to get creative, but it just looks weird. I would avoid parking near this car just because I don’t want that crazy kid to sick his sideways dog anywhere near me or my sweet Civic.


Example Three: The Pets

This ‘family’ has apparently decided they do not need to have their own human stickers, but rather just their pets. I have three words for them: Get. A. Life. That is probably going to piss people off, but whatever. If their pets are so important to them they should be petting them and giving them treats, not walking around a store buy stickers of them for their car.


Example Four: The Disney Family

To me, the Disney family is the worst of them all. Not only DO I NOT CARE how many people are in your family, I DO NOT CARE that you all went down to Disney World. This family is a double offender because not only do they have the Mickey Mouse ears, but they have them on their pets. Am I supposed to believe you brought your pets to Disney World? Doubtful. Did you buy your pets in Disney World? Doubtful. There is no excuse for these stickers.  

If you have any of these stickers, I am sorry if I offended you (but not really).



One response to “Car Sticker Phenomenon

  1. i completely agree corey! the ONLY ones that are ok are “baby on board” i think. dont you?

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