No, you may not cut in

I really like Connecticut. A lot. People often ask me why exactly I love a state that’s major claim to fame is being George W. Bush’s birthplace. I have a whole list of reasons that I will reveal in due time, but for right now I just have one: Connecticut has no toll booths.

I’ve lived my entire driving-life sailing along I-95 between shoreline towns, hoping from the Clinton outlets to the Westbrook ones and from the town beach to Ashley’s for ice cream. Not once has a toll booth been in the way. That’s because about 20 years ago, there were a bunch of fatal accidents involving running into the booths. CT responded by just taking them all away.

As I drove (well not really, Allison drove, I just sat) to Boston for the Red Sox game a few weeks ago, we encountered several toll booths; they sucked. Toll booths slow traffic down to a stand still and leave you window to window with your new car neighbor. I don’t know about you, but that scares me. I read those stories in driver’s ed about the man with the road rage and the crossbow and how he just got out of his truck and shot someone for looking at him wrong. I don’t want to be eye-to-eye with some weapon toting muscly man who may or may not want to put an arrow through my heart.

While waiting in said traffic line waiting to pay our toll, I witnessed some of the most unsavory driving I’ve  seen in a while. There are signs for which lane is cash and which lane is EZpass what feels like miles away from the actually toll. So everyone should know which lane they need to be in long before reaching the booth. There are always those people who try to zip up to the toll in the wrong and then squeeze into the  correct lane. I hate those people.

So I’d like for everyone to take note right now: I will not tolerate those that try to beat the traffic-toll-booth-lengthy-wait. No, you rude road-rage-encouraging driving, you may not cut into this line of traffic. And I hope the twenty cars in front of me feel the same.

When we were driving to Boston, we rolled down the windows and shouted to the other cars to STAY STRONG and not let those cheaters cheat and get into our line. While we were unsuccessful, I think that the blue camry in front of us will think twice before letting another car in in the future. And I hope you do too. (And I hope you realize the superiority of CT now)


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