just real quick…

The sign is down, I repeat the sign is down. The Irish baby adopters from down the street have removed their pastel striped sign. There is an outline of the long-lived signs on their wooden garage-barn thing. Now what am I supposed to do?

Also, I just want to point out what a great weapon a double sided fork would be. If someone came at me with one, I’d be scared. REAL scared. I might pee my pants, actually. Or just start crying. One of those forks used in a menacing way would be scary, but TWO? Man, you better start running cause you’re gonna get messed up. Someone with a double sided fork means business and you must have done something pretty bad to make them mad enough to bring out the BIG fork, if you know what I mean.


One response to “just real quick…

  1. Hahaha they mean BUSINESS

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