Forget…. just go on Craigslist

Upon graduation I packed up my pink Mitsubishi Mirage (yes, the car I purchased after the Jimmy, but was tragically involved in a slight collision caused my moi and is no longer drivable) and headed back to my home state of Connecticut. Initially I moved into my parent’s home in Killingworth. The absolutely only reason why anyone in the world will know where Killingworth, Connecticut is is because the town borders Clinton, home of Clinton Crossings, a fabulous high-end shopping outlet. Alas, after a few months of saving up cash and paying off my student loans, it was time to fly out of the nest.

I had been working in New Haven for a few months, but hadn’t met anyone I really clicked with or saw as a potential roommate. After much indecision, I went against so many friends’ advice and responded to a few “Roommate Wanted” posts on Craigslist. During my roommate search I legitimately dated six chicks in the New Haven area. You start out with emails, then progress to chats on the phone, and if you think it is a good match, you finally suggest meeting in person. Now this is all fun and games until you go out with a girl you KNOW will be the worst roommate of all time. Break up time. So awkward. Do you call her? Do you send her a ‘You are really nice, but just not right for me’ email? Do you just phase her out by not responding to her calls and texts??

Then it hit me…. why can’t someone use Craigslist to date rather than paying $100 for a few months of (btw- I am a huge fan of… more posts on this subject to come) So, I suggest to anyone strapped for cash, but looking for love… use Craigslist. Go on to the “Rooms / Shared” section, and look around. While there are typically no pictures (and if a potential roommate did post a picture, I think that is creepy and wouldn’t respond), but the descriptions are just what you need to know if you are interested or not.

Let’s say you are a single 25 year old woman (aka you are me) and you read the following post:

‘”28 year old male finishing up residency at Yale New Haven Hospital. I spend my free time running, hiking, and biking. I also love to cook.” Sounds delicious. Who wouldn’t be interested in a physically fit doctor willing to cook for them??? This is a guy you should email saying you are looking for a place and ask to come by and check out his apartment. He… I mean, the apartment, sounds perfect. And, there you have it… Craigslist dating. Sure your relationship started out based on a lie, but it would make a killer wedding story!!

P.S. I wrote this post while enjoying a delightful iced tea at a local cafe called Cafe Romeo. If you live nearby, you should check it out.


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