I just have so many questions

I would first like to say that I experienced the bluetooth phenomena today in wal*mart. I was actually frightened when the person started to talk.

But here’s what I really have to say:

There’s a house on my street that I drive by at least 5 times a week. And for the past (approximately) 25 weeks, there’s been a sign on these people’s barn-like garage. This sign has caused me quite a bit of turmoil.

I took this picture last weekend. I parked my car under a nearby bridge and casually (of course) walked by the house with my phone held high in the air pointed at the stranger’s home. That’s why the picture sucks. I got nervous, about what I can’t be sure, but I booked it right after snapping this beauty.

What the picture doesn’t show is the colors of this sign. Its pastel and white striped, with pinks, blues, yellows, and greens with white in between. The sunlight makes it hard to read, but it says “Welcome Home, Kieran”. And before this particular sign, there was one JUST LIKE IT hanging on the garage but instead of Kieran, it was Finlay.

So here are my questions (i just have so many): Who’s Finlay? Is he/she/it a baby? Those seem like baby colors to me. Are you welcoming home a soldier? If so, those colors seem highly inappropriate. Why did you welcome Finlay home for so long? The sign was up for several months. Was Finlay continually leaving and returning? That seems like the only reason you should have to welcome someone home for so long. Why did you want to open your arms (figurativly, or I mean, literally is possible too) so publicly? Is Finlay someone I should know? Should I be impressed by this sign and the importance that Finlay is finally home? Did you make that sign? Is is hand painted? No, you must have had it made because neither sun, snow, NOR rain has made those vibrant colored stripes fade. AND NOW you’ve changed the name on the sign! Who’s Kieran? It couldn’t possibly be another baby, it hasn’t been over nine months! Perhaps you’re adopting babies. From Ireland. That’s the only explanation for those Irish names. Will you welcome Kieran home for 6 months too? Did you have to remake that sign or did you just cut Finlay out and put Kieran’s name in? Did you get rid of Finlay all together and replace he/she/it with Kieran? Is Kieran a dog? Perhaps another kind of family pet? I mean, pets can’t read but that would be awfully nice of you to go to all that trouble so that your furry (or maybe scaly) friend felt loved.

I need these questions answered. So I’ve concocted a plan. I thought about just writing them a note with all of these questions and leaving it in their mailbox with my address to return their answers to, but I thought of something MUCH better. I will be stopping at this Irish-baby-adopting-pet-loving-soldier-friendly house and asking them myself. Under the rouse that I also need a sign made (for my sister’s baby shower, no doubt) and I love the signs they’ve had hanging on their garage. Where’d you get that made and how can I get in on the action? Look for a post after this weekend with the answers to my burning questions.



One response to “I just have so many questions

  1. Cass, this is SOO funny! I cant wait to hear whats up with the signs!

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