But I eat so well!

No matter what young woman you talk to and no matter what they say, we all have our personal battle with the scale. I am no exception. Dining hall food is somehow veryyy appealing to me and I tend to eat more mac n’ cheese, pizza, and sandwiches than your average 3rd grade boy.

And so, returning home has been… a struggle. While I may not have cheesey goodness at my fingertips, I do have wads of cash from work, a car, and looots of free time. Which mean every time I leave the house, I pass some fast food restaurant that calls my name (well whispers it really).

I have tried, and succeeded for the most part, in using that car and time to go to the gym. But when 9pm rolls around, I wander down to the kitchen and open the fridge and all the cabinets. Repeatedly. Because if I open and close the doors enough, something delicious will appear, I just know it.

And then the next day, I get on the scale and see no difference. WHYYY? I like to yell in my head at the scale (and often people who are slow walkers – if you don’t know what a slow walker is, you probably are one and you should probably reevaluate the speed at which you move). I eat so well! I portion-control. And eat vegetables and fruits. But then I remember the 6 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I ate. Damn, they were good. Far better than the carrots I ate with dinner.

But right now, Losing It with Jillian should be on. And its not, all because of basketball. I could understand if say, the World Cup or a Biebs concert was more important and just had to be played right nowww. I’m forced to watch it online now, though. Jillian Michaels doesn’t deserve that! Her angry face and furry boots deserve the true Tv screen.

I leave  you with the Biebs:



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