My debut…

My sister so kindly claims I am the funnier (and blonder) of us in her last post. How sweet! However, this is not always true. One: I just paid a RIDICULOUS amount of money to fix the two-toned hair I had been rocking for the past few months. Never get your hair colored at a hair school. Never. (Don’t worry, I am back to my luscious blonde state). Two: While I may be better at telling funny stories in person, my sister is the better writer. That being said, I will do my best to keep up with her caliber of work.

My first observation I would like to call to attention has to do with the music world. I am asked on a weekly basis by friends, family members, co-workers, etc.”Did you see that music video?”. Really? REALLY? First of all, if you know anything about be at all you should know the apartment I am living in this summer DOES. NOT. HAVE. CABLE. Why rub it in my face that I cannot watch anything Hulu doesn’t provide? Second of all, who the H-E-Double hockey sticks watches music videos anymore??? Sure I used to flip back and forth between Saved-By-The-Bell and VH1 while waiting for the bus in high school (yes, I had to take the bus for 2 years before I got my license and scored my sweet ride – a GMC Jimmy), but that was it. Why, at the wonderful age of 25, would I want to pay the cable company money to bring me a 4 minute clip of Miley Cirus trying to prove her sexuality???? (No offense Miley! I loved you in ‘The Last Song’ even when the rest of America didn’t!!). 

Music videos bring me to my second observation. When traveling for work one day and staying a hotel that offered a variety of television channels I don’t usually get to enjoy… I saw a 90s looking music video with a red haired he/she walking along geometric shapes. As a product of the 80s, I was instantly intrigued. I learned this artist goes by the name ‘La Roux’ and fell in love with her first single ‘Bulletproof’ on the spot. As I walked closer to the monstrous flat screen hanging on the hotel wall, I thought ‘La Roux looks like someone… but who… but whoooo?’ Then it hit me! Conan O’Brien. Do you really think it is a coincidence that La Roux’s career took off just as Conan’s died?? I don’t. But you can pass your own judgment.


~ Coco


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