My <3/ <X3 relationship with Traffic

First, I’d just like to say that the gem of a car my sister received when she got her license was only 6 years old at the time. Then she bought her own car and the Jimmy was bestowed upon me, 4 years older and much worse for wear. I know longer have the Jimmy (whom I affectionally referred to as Begonia) because in the middle of January, the heat stopped working. My mother’s solution? To buy an electric blanket that plugged into the cigarette lighter to keep my legs warm. Thanks, Mom! But then Begonia crapped out, just stopped working. And being the brat that I am, when I  returned from my 10-day vacation in Cancun, there was a brand-new car waiting for me in our driveway. Which I still have. But this is just an aside, the real story starts last Wednesday.

I left work with my gym bag in tow, and headed towards Planet Fitness via the highway. But then I hit traffic. A LOT of traffic. I was pretty excited at first, actually. I wanted to see what was causing this colossal backup. No one can deny it, rubbernecking is great, no matter how morbid it sounds. I wanted to see if it was a tractor trailer carrying hundreds of thousands of gallons of liquid latex or someone who was texting and driving or if there were ambulances carrying people on stretchers or flipped cars.

Or fires!

Bu alas, the novelty of seeing what was ahead wore off after about 10 minutes. So I sat. and sat. and sat. I checked my facebook on my phone. I read 5 pages of textsfromlastnight. I updated my calender with ANYTHING I could think of even things like “Take a nap” and “Change Clothes.”

I had a brilliant idea to get off the highway at some point. I don’t even remember when because I’m pretty sure I blacked out about 30 minutes of the whole ordeal. Off the highway was worse though and all I did was stare in my rearview mirror at the man picking his nose in the car behind me.

The only thing that kept me sane was Eenie Meenie. God, Justin Bieber is just fabulous. I’ve got the fever, thats for sure.



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