Tweeting is the New Thinking

My sister looks just like me. Well, really, I look just like her because I’m the younger one. We look awkwardly alike despite the fact that we have different colored hair and eyes. There’s one HUGE difference though: I’m just a less funny version of my sister. So when she suggested we do a blog together, my first thought was “…is starting a blog with my sistaaa!” That’s right, I think in status updates.

Don’t deny it, you do it to. Ran out of gas on the way to the station? “…just ran out of gas on the way to the station! This sux.” Got sunburned at the beach? “…gonna wear SPF 1000 next time I go to the beach.” Went to the gym? “…be up in the gym, workin’ on my fitness.”

I don’t have thoughts for myself anymore, but my entire social community. My first night back at home from college, I laid down to go to sleep and thought “…is so glad to be back in her own bed.” wtf. Yea, I was glad to be back on my brand new $1000 mattress, but really? And now that I realize I do it, I just can’t stop.

But alas, every time I log into the world of FB, which is several times a day (ok, lets be real, its probably upwards of ten times… it borders on obsession), I can’t think of an adequate status. Everything that comes to mind sounds… boring. And I live a very not boring life, let me tell you. I do a lot, like watch movies on my laptop or online shop for sale items. And of course, stalk people I don’t even know on facebook. But those awesome, exciting life events don’t translate well into one-liners.

So what I’m thinking is I’ll start tweeting. It’s all just a bunch of status updates and god knows I’m good at those.

-Casserole (I would sign this with my initial (like all the professional bloggers, but like so many other things me and my sister share, our initials are the same)


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